Concrete Crazy

A durable, easy-care, and environmentally friendly Luxury Tile floor for public environments.
Pack sizes
Stone designs
Rectangle 304 x 609mm 20 tiles per box = 3.72m²
Price: £204.60 per box  – (£55 per m²)*
457 x 457mm 16 tiles per box = 3.34m²
Price:£183.70 per box  – (£55 per m²)*
*All Prices are inclusive of VAT and delivery


Our Eco Range is a floortile that successfully meets today’s strict environmental requirements. We are very careful that those who live and work on our floors should be able to do so without any complications caused by dangerous chemicals or substances harmful to health that escape from the floor surface. By avoiding phthalates, PVC plastic, and other environmentally hazardous substances and materials, we make sure to keep the floor’s environmental impact down as far as possible.

But in addition to the floors being durable and kind to people and the environment, we also want them to look good, for a long time. Compared to, for example, wooden floors, Luxury Tile floors retain their original appearance over a long period of time. They are less sensitive to scratches and moisture, and can, for those who want, look the same as a real wooden floor. Less maintenance, longer life. Cost-effective!

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